3 Easy Steps to Begin your Eco-Journey

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Nowadays, it is easier to find a selection of eco-friendly products that you can use daily- from your shampoo to your grocery bag.


But why aren’t we all dashing to make the change?


You see a lot of suggestions and reviews about eco-friendly products, and yes you know that making the switch will benefit your family and the planet but the question I often hear or the question I actually asked myself is,” Where do I start?”


Change as they say is a bit intimidating, especially when it’s drawing you away from what you are used to, the norm in our society, the affordability and the convenience.


So to share my personal journey, I’ll start with 3 easy steps to start transforming our home into a more eco-friendly space!


Are you ready to make the eco-switch?




Here are some easy steps to follow;


1.Walk away from those clear green single used plastic from the grocery store.

I used to get them a lot because I don’t want my tomatoes rolling in my cart or to easily pop them in my trolley.


So what’s a better alternative?


You can put your fruit and vegetables loose in your reusable shopping bag. However, some mums don’t like that option since it can bruise their fresh produce.


Another great option is to invest in Produce bags. They are great to store your fruits and vegetables whenever you’re shopping and you can reuse it or even re purpose it over and over again. The good thing about it is will lessen the amount of single used plastic being used daily.



2.Choose Wooden Toys.


Toys play an essential part in our children’s development.


In the past, we are limited to what we can buy; mostly plastic toys but times have changed and there is a wide range of wooden toys that you can choose to give to your children.


Why are wooden toy’s better?


They last longer, they don’t go out of style, environment friendly and they’re Non-toxic.


3.Choose Plant Based/Organic Products.


Imagine the nasty chemicals that are in your soap, shampoo, toothpaste and home cleaning products, you’d be surprised to know what’s in there and the adverse effects it can bring.


As an example, let’s take a look at your toothpaste!


Check the ingredients, does it have sodium lauryl sulfate?


What is SLS?


It’s a chemical agent used to create froth and remove oily residue.


That is why your toothpaste is foamy but do you need it?




It’s a harsh chemical that can cause irritation to your teeth and gums.


These are a few of the steps you can think about.


Now you can begin creating a more earth friendly living space with these 3 easy steps or even start with one.

It doesn’t need to be big changes right from the get go, you can take baby steps. It’s all right to sometimes forget it or draw away from it, but as long as you are trying and willing to give it a go I guess that’s a good starting point. Small acts can make a big impact in the future.


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