Are you an Eco-Parent?

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Yes?! I am keen to follow your journey.

Not yet?

That’s totally fine,join me and together let’s transform our homes into an eco-friendly living space. 

I can’t claim that my household is 100% eco-friendly.Just like you, I’m starting to be eco-conscious and make informed decisions on what I buy and use. 

It’s sad when you think about the kind of future we are leaving our children with. With all that’s happening around us,the future is uncertain. This year has been trying for everyone. Now more than ever is the time to take action,one step at a time. 

Are you ready for the change?


Let’s do it together,without any judgement ,with a helping hand and with kindness,after all we all have the same end goal.

Have a look around,what do you often use that you can change and find a better alternative?

Perhaps your cleaning products or your single used grocery bags. The little things that we don't seem to take any notice or because it is the norm in the society we live in.

I guess some  of us live with the idea that “what we can’t see won't hurt us”. Because I did! I guess I never gave it a second thought.But it is around us and it will resurface and affect our children and their children.

Together, let’s find products that are non-toxic,ethically made,zero waste,plant based and reusable. A product that helps protect our children's future. 

So,what is that one thing you can part with and change into a more earth-friendly alternative?

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