Word Recognition Printables

beginning reading learn to read preschool word recognition

I have been creating activities for my almost 5 years old and this year we are focusing on word recognition.

If you are also in the same direction and wanted simple but fun activities for your little one, then give it a try.

I have attached 3 sample activities from what we have used in the past. It only takes my eldest 2-4 minutes to finish the 3 activities but he loves and enjoys doing it,so the amount of time he spends on it is not really my goal when I made these activities, instead I wanted to create activities that he will enjoy, use his fine motor skills, easy word recognition and retention and learning to read 3 letter words.

During our activity, we use paint to mark the answers but you can use anything your child find interesting.

You can put stickers to the answer, glue leaves or finger painting too!

Or better yet, laminate it so you can reuse it!

Download your copy now! Just Click the image to get your copy

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