Heart Crayons - 100% nautral plant based crayons
Eco Crayon

Heart Crayons - 100% nautral plant based crayons

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Five chunky HEART shaped eco crayons: non-toxic, vegan and biodegradable

Eco crayons are made from 100% natural ingredients, waxes and butters, and colour pigments derived from plants, seeds and flowers so you can colour the rainbow naturally.

Colours include: blue, red, yellow, orange and grass green.

Each crayon block measures 5cm x 4.5cm x 1.2cm making them perfect for hot little hands.

The eco crayons difference: no paraffin, no palm oil, no beeswax, no mined micas or clays, no synthetic colours

Adult supervision is required.Ā  Not suitable for children 0 ā€“ 3 years . Contains soy.