About Us

Transforming an Eco-friendly home with a mother's love.


Hi Mums,


Welcome to Eco-Parent, so happy that we finally found each other!

Hi, I'm Sherryl, the brainchild of Eco-Parent.
A place where you can find all things organic,handmade,reusable,mummy,family and earth-friendly.
A platform for new,soon to be and seasoned mums,where all your essential organic family needs will be met.

Our Story

I started my journey into transforming our home into a more earth friendly space when I became a mum and lived here in Australia.

Before having kids,I used a lot of disposable materials;I mean waaay too much,and I just didn't care and never took any notice of it.

So how did I turn into a different mumma?

It all changed when my youngest son suffered from eczema,and all the baby stuff that I used before was just all too harsh for him. That’s when I started my quest for organic and plant based products. And believe it or not,it was a trial and error of hundreds of products until I ended up with one that really suited his skin.

Now,that was an eye opener for me! I have been using products that are just full of harsh chemicals all this time. I was so used to buying them and believed all the ads on telly! Silly me(I know) So I decided that it’s high time to change our lifestyle and toss the old ones into the bin.

Do you want to join me and create a more Eco-friendly home together?!

Of course!


Here’s how Eco-Parent can help in your journey to a better home;

🌳 Weekly blogs- topics will be about how to create an eco-friendly home.

🌳Product of the month- every month a new or a mum favourite product will be featured.

🌳Mummy hacks- tips and tricks under a mum’s sleeve that can help another mama in need.

🌳Budget saving products- Products that won't cost us an arm and a leg will be featured weekly.

🌳 Mummy recipes- healthy mealtime recipes to save us from thinking of what to cook daily.

🌳Kid friendly activities- activities that will move them closer to nature,encourage them how to love and care for our planet.

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Now, I am slowly transforming our home and still on the lookout for products that can replace the plastic products that I am using.

So,why don't you join me,and together we can turn our lovely homes into an eco-friendly space!

If you discovered a new organic product that you think all the mamas out there can benefit from,don't hesitate to share and tag us! Together we can do it,because us mums want only the best for our family!

Together let’s create an eco-friendly home with a mother’s touch.