Vegetable Stampers
Little Wilding Dough

Vegetable Stampers

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This set contains 8 large stampers that approximately 7cm in size. Each stamper is made carefully and lovingly by hand. The wood use to make the stampers is sourced from Victoria in a slow, sustainable and ethical way. Stampers are made in small batches, ethically and with minimal environmental impact. 

This sets are designed to last, to be shared and passed down from siblings, to cousins, nephews and nieces. Each stamper has a small branch like knob in varying sizes to help little ones practice their grasping and fine motor skills.

A wonderful, eco friendly resource to learn about vegetables (or even for littles to play pretend in their kitchens) 

Stampers come in a cotton bag for storage. 

Age 3+ Use only under adult supervision

Please note, wood pieces vary in size, shape and grain due to the characteristics of natural timber.